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  1. In the late 50s our scout troop out of the 1st Congregational Church in Des Plaines Illinois used Ralph’s molds to produce at least two fiber glass canoes one of which is still in use plying waters in Oregon. Later, as Explorer Scouts we participated in two cross lake races, 1st in a two piece, bolted together 32 ft “war canoe”, and then a smaller (28 ft I think) single piece example. After high school in 1964 I purchased a beautiful 17ft cruising canoe from Ralph for $279. A friend and I participated in and completed our 3rd New Buffalo to Chicago race in my new canoe. I still have it here in Massachusetts. I remember Ralph and miss him. He played a part in my journey to manhood.

  2. Goodbye, Ralph. Thank you for the opportunity to get to know you, even for too short a time. You will be well and truly missed. Blue skies and smooth waters, and may you find peace in whatever dreams may come.

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